Apple AirTag


Bluetooth location chip helps prevent loss of keys and other valuables, with iOS OS support, basic functions include location, device locator and sound alarm, replaceable CR2032 battery with up to 12 months, white and black color, practical dimensions 31.9 mm×8 mm×31.9 mm, weight 11g, degree of protection IP67


Can’t find your keys, wallet or forgot your backpack somewhere? Don’t hang your head! The Apple AirTag locator chip helps you track down any lost item it’s attached to. All you need to successfully find your lost item is the iOS operating system, AirTag and the Find app. Thanks to ultra-wideband technology, the chip will show you the exact direction and distance of the stray item and guide you to it. The chip has an integrated speaker, so if it’s hiding in your vicinity, you can just ring it and go for the sound. All transmitted data and location data is encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about your privacy. To top it all off, AirTag is waterproof and energy efficient, lasting over 1 year on a standard battery.


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